Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I haven't posted many pictures of Teddy on my blog, nor have I written a lot about him. Obviously Teddy is our dog - affectionately called Teddy Bear, Pups, or a variety of other names. Pupsisis. Puck. However things are mispronounced.

Teddy is not a normal dog by any means. He never has been. He's afraid of his own shadow, has ran and hid from Jack Russel Terriers, and hides behind my legs when new people visit the house.

Why, yes, that is Jeff hugging a Sponge Bob pillow. See how comfy Teddy is laying in my bed? He likes to snuggle.

He is also protective - he doesn't like for people to scream or make loud noises, so he usually barks / whines at the person causing the noise. Jeff likes to act like he is going to attack me so that Teddy does his little whiny thing he does.

But he also whines at me when I go near Jeff. To give him a hug or kiss goodbye or goodnight. Strange, strange dog. But we love him.

He hates water and mud, so that is convenient when he has to go out and it's muddy. He prances like he's trying to walk on his tip-toes. It's funny. And when he comes back in, he will wipe his feet on a towel if you tell him to.

He loves to be pet, but once you start, you can't stop or you get a cold nose in your hand, nudging you to pet him more.

As for all the pictures above? No, his eyes aren't green, but my software corrects red-eye, not green-eye. Yes, there probably is a way to fix it if you know what the heck you are doing in Photoshop - but that's not me.

Why yes, we have a variety of colors on our bed - some of which don't match. That comes from certain people (kids) coming and taking their "favorite" pillows and leaving us with the ones they don't want. Or wait... they are green and red? It was around Christmas? Oh, yeah! We decorated the bed for Christmas, too! (not)

As for all you negative commenters from yesterday's post... if you wanna be making bets, I'll take the bet. And you will lose!!!! What are YOU going to give ME when I win?


Mayo said...

hmmmmm, I'll have to think about this, we'll talk. There would need to be some ground rules, no post dating missed days for one :)

I'm seeing one of K's famous apple pies in my future.......

Katie said...

You have so little faith in me! There will be no post dating missed days. There will be a post every day!

I will agree to the pie... because I know I won't have to make it! :) heehee

I will have to think about the prize for me... hmmmm. I'll let you know. ;)

Barb said...

Aww, Sweet Teddy! What a lovely dog he is, I hope he lives a long time. (Same for my Sweet Boy!). About the Jack Russell terriers? I run when I see them too, those little guys are nuts!