Thursday, February 04, 2010

What would YOU do?

*side note* 4 for 4 mayo! What's my prize again? HA!

An Un-post that I'm actually going to post, it's a bit of a change of pace from what I've posted this week, but I didn't want to summarize it. And can't poke fun at it. It was originally written on 11/05/08.

I have been troubled by something I read yesterday on a blog I found. I thought about commenting on the blog with some questions, but I didn't want to sound like I was being judgemental or accusing them of something when I didn't know much about the person. And if the other posts on the blog are any indication, this person is a very kind hearted person. But I just personally disagree with one post.

It has made me think a lot about it over the past 24 hours.

OK, I'll give you a hypothetical situation. You are with your child at an establishment and there is an accident. Your child is mildly hurt, but requires medical assistance. An employee of the establishment is responsible for the accident, but it is definitely just a freak accident that occurs.

Do you sue them? If they are willing to pay for all of your medical bills that are incurred because of the accident, would you ask for more?

This has made me think so much about what I would do... and my answer in that particular instance is no. As long as they are willing to pay the medical expenses? That would be enough for me. If they refused to do that, then I might possibly sue them for the expenses plus any expense of the legal fees. But as long as they were willing to do the right thing, I would not try to punish them for an accident.

If someone did sue for that - would the employee who was responsible for the accident lose their job? And what would be the effect on them without their job? It was a young person according to the post. Depending on how young, and what kind of situation they had, that could really have a negative affect on them.

Addition to this post today (02/04/10):

I remember this post - I didn't want to post it because I didn't want to sound judgemental. I can't say for sure what I would do in the situation, but I don't believe I would sue over what happened. I also wasn't going to post what happened - because it was a post on someone else's blog and I didn't want any chances they would find my post and feel bad, or angry at me. I really hate making people feel bad. Well, except for the morons I have to work with, and only after they have responded to a nice request with a jerk response. *ahem* Sorry about that. ;)

In this case, I was worried about the person losing a job that they needed. If it were a young adult, trying to get by, when the economy was (and is) bad? They dropped a glass, it broke and a piece of the glass flew out and cut a child's leg. Stitches were needed, and it all got taken care of. So why sue? For the extra cash? What purpose would there be for a lawsuit but greed? I don't understand greed. But, that's just me.

And yes, I know I just took away the need for they hypothetical situation I wrote above! I didn't change the original post, just added present day thoughts and figured it was two years ago and the odds of them finding this is slim to none.


alique said...

4 out of 4 is GREAT!.....Greed is an ugly sin that I'm glad you stay away from.

Mayo said...

Ok, I'm still not nervous yet, after all, we're only 5 days into the month :)
So, what could I possible offer you as a prize? I'm open to suggestions, but be warned I'm no chef or anything (haha). How about a cake, a "Kat's Kake" original?

Katie said...

That would make your wife do the work! I'll have to think about it. ;)

Barb said...

Well this is a bit of a sticky question. I guess I would be satisfied if the accident was legitimate and they made good on all expenses. I'm not sure how I would react if it was because somebody did something really stupid, like drive drunk or take a dare for instance. Then it would be a matter of punitive damages rather than to make money on it. I guess there's no pat answer and I would take it on a case by case basis.