Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Success and Virginia Pics

I did it! At least one post per day for 28 days straight!! :) One bonus picture, that I should have posted yesterday but didn't, is of Ceara (with Adam). I meant to post at least one picture of each of my kids, but forgot I had this one on my camera. ;)

For Valentines Day, we kinda did a double date thing and went to the mall (in Fairfield) so Ceara could make Adam a teddy bear. Afterwards, we were supposed to go to the movies, but someone *ahem* didn't look up directions to the movie theater from the mall and we couldn't find anyone to give us directions, so we just went out to eat at Don Pablos. I think it was his plan all along since he had been talking about craving Don Pablos for weeks.

Then we rented some dvds to watch at home. Ceara fell asleep within 15 min of the movie starting and Jeff followed not long afterwards. Such an exciting night wore them both out. I don't get to take nearly as many pictures of Ceara and I made a point to take my camera with us, but only got the one shot.

Onto Virgina pictures. We stayed with Kenny while we were there - the house in the middle is where he lives:

It is split and someone else owns 1/2 of the first floor and the middle floor, so he and his sister have 1/2 of the first floor and the top floor.

This is a shot from the balcony looking into the living room. The door to the left is the stairs going to the 1st floor. There are 3 bedrooms and a balcony over looking the living room.

And here is the ocean view:

Conor was, of course, the first one up every morning. To avoid waking everyone else up, we would go down to the beach to look for shells and play in the sand.

We made a sand castle,

found some surprises in the shells,

and waded in the water.
Conor met a little girl and started swimming with her.

They would pretend there were sharks and he would save her from them.

On our last day there, we got to go visit the ship that Kenny works on - he's in the navy.

It was very interesting - huge. Conor had a blast.

All of the stairs were very steep.

He got to sit in a chair on the top deck - I'm sure the chair is for a specific job, but... it was last year, how do you expect me to remember that?

And a couple of sunset pictures, of course...

Alli didn't spend much time at the beach with us, so she didn't get into any of the beach shots. It was a nice long weekend - Conor had a blast. We had a ton of shells that we brought home with us. I'm glad I was able to get the pictures from my camera for the memories. ;)


alique said...

Congrats Kate. I knew you could do it. It was nice checking in every day to see what was going on next.

Barb said...

I enjoyed all the blogs too! Thanks for keeping us up on all the news past and present and all the neat pics!

The Virginia photos are beautiful. Does Conor know that Grandad was in the Navy and was stationed on an aircraft carrier? I have some pictures he might like to see sometime!

Mayo said...

I suppose congratulations is in order, I didn't think you'd make it the whole month, but you proved me wrong :)